Everybody Joins

Native American Shaman Ceremony

  • The Search for the Sacred Location

    A long time was spent searching one of Hogsback most remote spots for the perfect energy to build a medicine wheel during the Native American Shaman Ceremony
  • Found the spot

    After a strenuous search for the perfect energy, Proud YellowFoot and Adam Shield of the feather grounding themselves to the flow of the soil beneath their feet.
  • Giving Thanks

    Before commencing with the ceremony, YellowFoot gives her thanks and blessings for the gift of the sacred location.
  • Cleansing Ceremony

    The Shaman going through the cleansing ritual where they capture any spiritual interference and cast t away, enabling them to focus entirely on the task ahead.
  • Everybody Joins

    Everyone present gets involved in the cleansing ceremony. The aim is to create a peaceful and pure atmosphere.

A Native American Shaman Ceremony at the Fairies

Away with the Fairies was honored to have 2 Native American Shamans stay with us for 3 days.  The brothers, Adam Shield of the feather  and Izzy, who are traveling the world speaking their message, enthralled the guests of Away with the Fairies with a talk about their culture and the spirituality of their people.  The talk was at The Away with the Fairies Viewpoint, where backpackers from all around the world heard their tales and wisdom.

Fire Ceremony

The next day, the brothers performed a Fire Ceremony in the campground of Away with the Fairies.  The ceremony involved finding awareness of personal insecurities, acknowledging them and then writing them down.  One at a time, every one of our guests, about 35 in all went before the fire and threw the message with the negativity into the flames, hence releasing it from it’s power.

Hogsback local, Proud Yellowfoot Eagle Dreaming who carries out healing ceremonies within our village recruited the guys to help her to find the perfect place to build a medicine wheel.

Journey to the Secret Waterfall

The bothers, YellowFoot and several like-minded Hogsback locals went to Secret Waterfall, which is a 20 minute drive from Hogsback, and blessed with a complete remoteness and tranquility that only the Eastern Cape of South Africa can offer.  After a while of searching, the energy was just right at one exact place and Adam Shield of the feather and YellowFoot knew immediately, this was it.  Right next to it was the skeleton of a cow, which made it all the more poignant.

The next job was to build the wheel.  The perfect rocks were hunted and carried to the exact spot and arranged in circular fashion, with large marker rocks facing to the points of the compass.  After a suitable amount of hard labour the rocks were in place, everyone there was cleansed with sage and the ceremony could begin.

Beginnings and endings

Powerful words were spoken and sacred actions were performed at the points of the compass.  It was an incredible experience, the energy was palpable, even to the point that 2 Fish Eagles flew directly overhead at the climatic moment, (which I have never seen here in Hogsback in 20 years).

Once the Fire Wheel was constructed and blessed we all quietly walked the 5 minutes to the edge of the staggering Secret Waterfall.

What an incredible day, what an incredible experience, what amazing people.

Thank you to Adam and Izzy for honoring us with their visit and all the Hogsback locals that were involved.

  • Adam's Blessing

    Shaman Adam getting in touch with the sacred location to prepare it for the building of the medicine wheel.
  • Laying the Foundations

    The team working hard in the heat to get the foundations of the medicine wheel in place.
  • The Finishing Touches

    Completing a medicine wheel takes teamwork and determination. The more souls present, the more powerful the wheel.
  • The Wheel is Complete

    After a long and rewarding day, finally the wheel is completed. And this is where it will be, a vestige of of energy hidden in a ”secret” spot.

Daniel Cornick

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