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Deciding you want to visit Hogsback is the easiest part, choosing your accommodation on the other hand is often not so easy. However, this is where we would like to make it easy for you by providing a detailed overview of your options at the Fairies. For this reason if you really want to make the best of your trip to Hogsback, look no further, and get lost in our magical realm of Fairies, Hobbits, Lord of the Rings style murals and stunning natural scenery.

Private rooms at Away with the Fairies

At Away with the Fairies we also offer a variety of private accommodation. You can choose between a double en-suite, a two double bed self catering cottage, furthermore, a two double bed self catering house. All rooms come with a free tea & coffee station and indoor Eco-heaters, also, with the doubles you have the option of a shower or bath. In addition the self-catering accommodation comes with fully equipped kitchens. The non self-catering accommodation also has the option of using the shared kitchen.

Striders hikers cottage

Our neighboring property, Striders accommodation is perfect for hikers, families as well as anyone that enjoys a bit of peace and quiet. At Striders you can choose between doubles, twins, triples and a double+single room. All of these also come with a private bathroom that has a shower, toilet and sink. in addition you also get to make use of a self-catering kitchen. Striders and the Fairies are two properties joined by a narrow stretch of indigenous forest, hence to walk between them takes only a minute or two.

Dormitories at Away with the Fairies

We have three dormitories at the Fairies, namely, the Bag End dorm, the Fairy dorm and also the View dorm. The bag End dorm is an eight sleeper dorm with four bunk beds,hence it’s perfect for larger groups. The Fairy dorm is a four sleeper dorm with two bunk beds. Furthermore The View dorm is located right at the front of the building and has a great view of the Hogsback peaks. This dorm sleeps six in three bunk beds. All dorms have an indoor Eco-heater, plug points and the use of kitchen and bathroom facilities.  All dorms and also bathrooms are uni-sex.

Campsites at Away with the Fairies

Campsites at Away with the Fairies are located either on the grassy lawn at the Fairies or at Striders under the shade of evergreen trees, in addition you can also find a few spots to pitch your tent in our private indigenous forest. Campers are provided with basic kitchen and bathroom facilities, we regret no electrical plug points yet. Though, if you have an extension lead we can surely make a plan for you. We will happily accommodate over-landers although for very large vehicles our grounds are not perfectly suited.

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  • Accommodation at Away with the Fairies

    Accommodation at Away with the Fairies

    Indoor view during daylight in our double en-suite with bath, notably like something Bilbo would love.
  • Accommodation at Striders Hikers Cottages

    Accommodation at Striders Hikers Cottages

    View from Gimli through front door. Gimli is at Striders therefore also has a stunning view of the Hogsback peaks. Considering this, an evening braai in the front is always encouraged.
  • Campsites at Away with the Fairies

    Campsites at Away with the Fairies

    Entrance to Forest Campsite at Away with the Fairies is hidden among the trees, hence it is our most private campsite.
  • Accommodation at Striders Hikers Cottages

    Accommodation at Striders Hikers Cottages

    Indoor shot of Merry’s triple room at Striders Hikers Cottage. In all honesty a perfect room for 3 friends looking at catching up together on the mountain.


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