Getting to and from Hogsback


The Mzansi Experience

The Mzansi Experience drops you off at our doorstep and the bus overnights with us at Away with the Fairies!!!!!   

It goes to and from PE on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday, also to and from Mthatha on Monday, Thursday and Saturday.

Mzansi provides industry leading bus travel in South Africa, equipped with air-conditioning, reclining seats and even WiFi ensuring that you have a stress free travel experience.

Mzansi arrives and departs from the following locations:


Shuttle – Baz Bus and Mainline Bus Passengers


 Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday

07:30 dep Hogsback to PE arr 13.40 –- R250

13:10 dep PE to Hogsback arr 19.00 –- R250

Monday, Thursday and Saturday

07:30 dep Hogsback to EL arr 10:15 – R200

07:30 dep Hogsback to Chintsa arr 11:00 – R200

07:30 dep Hogsback to Mthatha arr 14:15 – R400

14:15 dep Mthatha to Hogsback arr 19:15 – R400

16:30 dep Chintsa to Hogsback arr 19.15 – R200

17.30 dep East London to Hogsback arr 19:15 – R200

If you are on the Baz Bus from PE to Durban and wish to get to Hogsback on that departure day, then we can collect you in Port Elizabeth at (13:10 – R250) (Not East London or Chintsa).  If you decide to take the Baz Bus from PE to East London or Chintsa, no problem at all but it will be necessary to overnight at one of these places and then use the Monday, Thursday or Saturday Shuttle to Hogsback.

If you are travelling on the Baz Bus from Durban to PEon a Monday, Thursday or Saturday and wish to get to Hogsback then we can collect you from Mthatha (14:15 dep – R400) Chintsa (16:30 dep – R200) or East London (17:30 dep – R200) when your bus arrives.

If you are on the Baz Bus from Durban to PE and wish to get to Hogsback on a Tuesday, then we will only be able to collect you from East London or Chintsa on the Thursday.

If you are on a mainline bus, then please try to correspond your arrivals with the above shuttle timetable.

Baz Bus

We collect passengers from the PE to Durban Baz Bus  in Port Elizabeth on a Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday only (Not East London or Chintsa)  

Passengers travelling from Durban to P.E. we collect in Mthatha, Chintsa or East London on a Monday, Thursday or Saturday.

The Baz Bus does not drop in Hogsback so you will need our shuttle!!!

Mainline Buses

If you are on a mainline bus, please make sure you get off at The Windmill Bus Station in East London before 4pm and then make your way 300m to The Sugarshack (Walk to the sea and turn left before you drown). 


We drop off at (9am) and collect (5pm) from East London Airport (R200 per person each way) on Monday, Thursday and Saturday but your flight must arrive before 4pm, or depart after 10am.

We drop off at and collect from Port Elizabeth Airport at 1.30pm (R250 per person each way) on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday but your flight must arrive before 12pm, or depart after 3.30pm.



Our Partners

Rivendell House of Healing

Rivendell House of Healing is a mountainside retreat where we focus on spirituality, meditation, personal growth, permaculture and yoga on a backpackers budget.

Amatola Trails, Hogsback

The Amatola Hiking Trail is a 6 day hike through the Amatola Mountains. The trail consists of several exciting loop trails and the main 6 day trail which is linear. The trail can be started at various points, from 2 to 6 days, with the main trail starting at Maden Dam near King Williams Town and ending near Hogsback.

Coffee Shack Backpackers, Coffee Bay

We have a reputation of being a fun, good-value hostel with excellent facilities and the most amazing, friendly local staff.

Sugar Shack Backpackers, East London

Sugar Shack is spectacularly situated on a sand dune on Eastern Beach, literally within spitting distance of the beach, yet only a few minutes’ walk from restaurants, pubs, clubs, restaurants, shops and East London’s very own Aquarium.

Hogsback Adventures

Hogsback Adventures, the Go-To Adventure company in Hogsback. Experience mountain-biking, abseiling, archery and guided tours with a professional and owner-run operator.