Super Food made with Super-Foods

The Fairies take healthy food very seriously.  We use nothing but the best ingredients, and even dose our smoothies and Elf Shots with the amazing Wazoogles Super-Food products.  They have a unicorn as a logo, so we couldn’t resist!  

Wazoogles Super-Foods

We sell a full range of the super-healthy, super-cool super-foods from Wazoogles.  Supernatural Oats, Breakfast Bombs and their unadulterated super-food blends that we put into our yummy smoothies.

Elf Shots

Elf Shots are the Fairy Version of Health Shots – obviously.  We make our own freshly made juices that will help you live forever.

Breakfasts at Away with the Fairies

Wake up to a cup of freshly filtered PURO Fair-trade coffee, and get your gears in working order. You will need it to decide on one of the many options of breakfasts we serve. You can choose from our delicious omelettes, flapjacks, bacon eggs & toast or our very own Fairy Fry Up. For the healthier options we serve fresh fruit with muesli and yogurt.

Pizza and meals at Away with the Fairies

The Fairies Pizza is known to be the best backpackers pizza in the country. And since Fairies don’t travel far, that makes it the best pizza in the world, just believe it, it’s true. When we are not baking those fresh stone-ground flour pizza’s, we are busy cooking up one of our great home-style meals. These vary from spag-bol to stir-fry’s, lasagna, traditional pojties or the Braai down at the view point. 

Opening Hours

The Fairies Kitchen
Daily Opening Hours


08h00 – 10h00


17h00 – 20h30

  • Breakfast preparation

    We prepare all our breakfast items fresh on the morning itself.
  • Healthy Breakfasts

    We serve healthy breakfast options with fresh fruits. When possible we use local seasonal ingredients
  • Healthy Breakfasts

    We serve healthy breakfast options with fresh fruits. When possible we use local seasonal ingredients
  • Fairy Fry Up

    This is a breakfast for the hungry or for those looking to stack up on energy just before a large hike



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