Events and Specials at The Wizards Sleeve Inn


    Reinhart Buhr AKA Wild Lettuce is joining us around the fire and churning out some stellar tunes. Come join us for this free performance, great vibes and smiles all round.

    Alex Cavan (born June 3, 1993) is a South African singer/song writer, musician. He released his debut album in October 2015 and has been on the rise since, opening for popular South African artists such as Khan Morbee (The Parlotones), Jeremy Loops and Shaun Jacobs. This young muso has spread his vibrations across South Africa, touring all parts of his country and performing at multiple events and shows. This includes festivals such as the “Earth Home Project” Hosted by Terra-khaya with Greenpop partnering to host the tree planting day to give back to the environment. In 2016 he made his presence known in the UK introducing songs from his album on both BBC Nottingham and Lincolnshire stations along with two live sessions and 3 Interviews. Also in 2016, Alex Cavan was the only South African to be featured on a UK-produced album “A Breath of Fresh Air” featuring unsigned artists from around the world.
  • Satanic Dagga Orgy LIVE @ Away with the Fairies 24 April 2017

    Satanic Dagga Orgy will be hitting up Hogsback and the awesome Away With the Fairies Backpackers Hogsback as part of their national tour to celebrate the release of “The Prawn Awakens” EP Expect a night of sweaty singalongs, dank jams and 5 half-naked men. Free Entrance, but any donations to petrol and drinking money will be appreciated. FREE HUGS! Check out the event on Facebook: Starting at around 8pm ending at about 11pm.
  • Roxton met Herki LIVE at Away with the Fairies 19 April 2017

    Join us for a last minute LIVE MUSIC performance at the Wizards Sleeve Inn, Away with the Fairies, Hogsback. FREE ENTRY MUSIC STARTS AT 20h00pm BUY THE GUYS A DRINK PLEASE There will also be a magic hat passed around to collect kind donations to make the musicians smile…
  • Rubber Duc LIVE @ Away with the Fairies

    Rubber Duc, a Jo’burg band that is know to traverse the magical realm of The Wizards Sleeve Inn at the Fairies.
  • Jah Worx LIVE

    Jah Worx, the magical reggae trio whom put up a fantastic show at the Wizards sleeve Inn

Welcome to The Wizards Sleeve Inn

The most Magical Bar in Hogsback

Stocking Craft Beers, Ciders and Wine the Wizards Sleeve is there for our discerning guests to be able to have a couple of cheeky ones and socialise with other backpackers and hikers from around the world. 

Our Beer Selection at The Wizards Sleeve Inn

After many a dry and dusty journey through the darkest reaches of Middle Earth, Dandalf The Orange was able to retrieve relics of the most sought after kind. Over nineteen of the realms most premium craft Lagers, Ale’s, Stouts, Porters, IPA’s and Weiss Beers sourced from the best local breweries.  All to be found cold on tap or bottled at The Wizards Sleeve Inn.

Hob-Goblin Alert

To all Hob-Goblins, we don’t sell any SAB, Shooters or Spririts and The Wizards Sleeve closes at 10pm.


Opening Hours

The Wizards Sleeve Inn
Opening Hours

Sunday to Thursday

15h00 – 22h00

Friday and Saturday

15h00 – 00h00


Drinks Selection

  • Featherstone Oldenburgia Weiss

    Oldenburgia is a weiß (white) beer designed for the South African climate. Although unmalted wheat is a common ingredient in a weiß ultimately we have opted to use equal parts malted barley and malted wheat. In conclusion this results in a pale, crisp and refreshing beer.
  • Boston Gluten Free

    Gluten levels in Boston Lager Gluten Free are substantially below the International Codex Gluten- Free standard of 20ppm or less. Furthermore Gluten Free Boston Lager is brewed traditionally from Malted Barley, Hops, and Water. The enzyme Endopratotease is added before fermentation to hydrolyze the gluten peptides, thus neutralising the gluten.
  • Boston Loaded Cannon

    Speaking about a powerful beer, the sweet aroma of liquorice and treacle toffee might take you back to your childhood sweetshop, but this is not a beer for babies! At 10% it packs as much punch as it does flavour – and there’s no shortage of flavour. The caramelised notes make Loaded Cannon an ideal Ale to sip with crispy duck or slow roasted pork ribs, the high alcohol helping to cut through the fatty foods, It’s surprisingly easy to drink for such a potent brew, a truckload of hops ensuring that the sweetness is never cloying. Definitely a beer for sharing.
  • Featherstone Golden Mole

    Golden Mole is a deep golden coloured ale with pronounced hop flavour and aroma, and significant, but not overwhelming, hop bitterness. The grains used are 100% malted barley, 10% of which are crystal malts, in other words, it balances out the beer’s hoppiness. Not to mention the five hop additions are made through the boiling process in addition to a generous dose of dry hops in the fermenter. Golden Mole is fermented using an American-style yeast for the crisp, clean finish that it imparts.
  • Featherstone Blaauwkrantz

    Blaauwkrantz is a sweet, smooth-drinking porter with liquorice, caramel, and warm spice citrus notes. Hop character takes a back seat to the dark crystal malts, which are subtly supported by the addition of coriander and orange. In all honesty Its full-bodied nature and robust alcohol content make this beer and excellent dessert or after dinner beer.
  • Boston Wild Honey Blonde

    This Americanized “Kristal Weiss” beer was made much like the malt of our Weiss recipe. On the other hand this is where any similarity ends however. We hopped it as we would any single-hop pale ale – with a lot of American Crystal hops. You won’t get any spicy clove, bubblegum yeast character from this beer but instead we added pure honey. This filtered beer is in the tradition of a “Kristal Weiss” beer. The result is a refreshing, crisp hoppy wheat ale perfect for a warm sunny day, or whatever kind of day June will give us
  • Boston Whale Tale

    There’s a hint of caramel when you inhale this approachable Ale. On the first swig of the coppercoloured brew, mild caramel aromas continue, balanced out with a slight yet noticeable hop bitterness. Additionally the bitterness and carbonation leave the palate cleansed, making this an ideal partner for creamy sauces or deep fried fare.
  • Featherstone Drostdy

    To tell the truth this traditional English Ale is an ideal session beer. A lower alcohol content is supported by an uncompromising taste. Light toast and toffee malt notes are blended with East Kent Golding hops resulting in an easy-drinking, yet full-flavoured experience. Drink cool or chilled, with food or on it’s own
  • Boston Rock Hoppa

    A golden amber brew boasting fresh granadilla on the nose and a lingering grapefruit-like finish, this highly sessionable IPA is the perfect intro to hops, lots and lots and lots of hops! Named after the Rock Hopper penguin, loud, and arrogant, notably much like our beer.
  • Boston Premium

    There’s a definite malty sweetness on the aroma of this full-flavoured lager. Not to mention a brazen, rounded maltiness gives the beer a great balance, leaving a highly every day beer for everyday food – think pork, burgers, pizza and meatier fish varieties such as Tuna or Monkfish.
  • Boston Pumpkin

    ’s the colour of autumn leaves and the first whiff slaps you in the nostrils with obvious autumnal aromas of cinnamon and nutmeg. What is more It follows up taste wise, though the pumpkin pie flavours are well balanced with hop bitterness, leaving the beer highly drinkable and never over sweet. It’s a superlative food beer that pairs perfectly with all manner of spicy dishes as well as fragrant desserts.
  • Boston 33 Degrees South

    There’s a hint of spice on the nose but toffee-like aromas dominate. A definite sweetness gives way to a pleasant and lingering crème brûlée-like bitterness. In all honesty this is malt and hops in perfect unison.
  • Boston Naked Mexican

    A clear, golden lager with a mild malty aroma. This crisp, dry beer is great for dousing the summer heat – or the heat from spicy foods. In fact try it with light dishes such as seafood and fish or with spicy fare, including Mexican cuisine of course!
  • Boston Johnny Gold

    Brewed in Hefeweiss style, this beer still contains yeast so if you’re drinking the bottled version, be sure to roll the bottle gently before you pour – this stirs up the yeast, giving a fuller flavoured tipple. It’s a lightstyle Weissbier with the typical cloudy appearance for the style – straw coloured with a foamy white head. Additionally bananas and bubblegum hit you on the nose and both flavours – plus a hint of cloves – appear upon the second sip. Weissbier is great with fish and seafood and its underlying sweetness makes it a surprising hit with dessert – think fruity rather than chocolate.
  • Featherstone Bell Ringer

    Bell Ringer’s pale golden colour is derived from the use of exclusively pale and lightly toasted malted barley. This beer is brewed with regular hop additions as one would for a regular lightly-hopped pale ale, but instead of a final “aroma” hop addition, rooibos tea is added towards the end of the boil. This results in a beer without a pronounced hop profile but with a unique flavour and bitterness. Bell Ringer is fermented out to have a dry, crisp finish.
  • Boston Black River

    Jet black with a toffee-coloured head, this is a beer for lovers of another kind of brew – a hot, caffeinated one. Not to mention the aroma is coffee, coffee, coffee with hints of roasted malt in the background. Lighter in body than some stouts with carbonation that cleanses the palette after creamy foods. Try it with a dark chocolate dessert, something that echoes the bitterness found in the beer.
  • Featherstone Tumble Bug

    This stout’s inky blackness is derived from the use of unmalted, roasted barley. We add oats to lend a smooth texture and body, as well as some crystal malts to add a little sweetness which as a result balances the dry, roasted finish.
  • Boston Arid Light

    Crafted by Boston’s Chris Barnard for himself and his friends. Particularly Chris’ love for the magical Arid lands of the Richtersveld, , Tankwa and Karoo regions, combined with his passion for capturing the night sky through time lapse photography, meant long hours behind the camera. He needed a beer that he could enjoy during the day and still remain sharp into the night. The result is Arid Light, a brew created low in alcohol and full of flavour!!


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